Book Review: Odd Girl Out – Laura James

  I feel I'm a little late to the game with this book, but it really is better late than never.   I have read several books featuring autistic characters, but recently I have become less interested in reading fictionalised versions of autism written by neurotypical people and more interested in hearing the experiences of¬†actually … Continue reading Book Review: Odd Girl Out – Laura James


Thank You For the Music

I don't always understand other people, I don't always understand what is and isn't socially acceptable, I don't always understand my own emotions, but I always understand music.¬†   I remember, as a child, being described as "emotional" and "sensitive". I only grew more so as I entered adolescence, and my mother and sisters grew … Continue reading Thank You For the Music

My Identity: An Introduction

"People have gone too far with all these labels," says angry, middle aged, white, neurotypical person. "All these vegan feminist autistic gender neutral pansexual unicorns! It's just ridiculous. Young people these days are so desperate to be different. It's just attention seeking."   There's a fair amount of controversy surrounding "labels". Are they necessary? Do … Continue reading My Identity: An Introduction